Mismatched socks operation !

This was an opportunity to raise public awareness of this chromosomal anomaly, which affects 27,000 newborn babies every year.

To spread the message of this day, why not opt for mismatched socks? This is the action we’ve decided to take at TECHNAX, a fun and symbolic way of promoting diversity and difference, while reminding people that inclusion is for everyone, all the time!

At TECHNAX we take action to recruit people who are different, promote the inclusion of all and encourage the integration of our employees whatever their gender, age, origin or disability.

🌈Down syndrome is a genetic chromosomal abnormality (in concrete terms, on chromosome pair number 21, carriers of this syndrome have an extra chromosome), which generally causes varying degrees of intellectual and physical impairment and associated medical problems.

One of the aims of this international day is to raise awareness of the reality of people with Down’s syndrome. Access to healthcare is often a real obstacle course! It is vital to put an end to stereotypes and educate people about their specific needs. Every individual deserves the same respect and has the same value.

💡 Did you know? The choice of the 21st day of the 3rd month of the year is not insignificant: it refers to the 3rd chromosome on the 21st pair, linking people with Down’s Syndrome.

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