High-voltage cables connections are mostly composed of a copper cable joined to a current conductive part, called terminal or pin. These cables can have different sections ranging from 16mm² up to 150mm². Terminals are mostly in copper and recently in aluminium.


High voltage cables have been used in the automotive industry for a few years. In electric vehicles, these cables connect all systems transporting current, such as batteries and devices between batteries and motors.


High voltage cables are traditionally welded by ultrasonic or resistance welding. TECHNAX offers an alternative through its combrazing process, with the advantage to join tinned copper cables to terminals (unlike ultrasonic welding where it’s not feasible).

The combrazing is a process patented by TECHNAX for advantageous compacting and hard-brazing of copper cables and braids onto terminals, in a single-step process. It drastically optimises the productivity as it combines 4 different operations in only one.

TECHNAX can offer turn-key solutions and perform small production batches as well.

2x50mm² copper cables compacted and brazed to a copper terminal

Copper cables combrazed to pins

HV-cables set