Are you looking for a reliable and efficient welding solution for your manufacturing needs?

The answer may lie in the laser welding technology ! Laser welding is a highly accurate and flexible metal joining process that has transformed the welding industry in recent years.

TECHNAX offers a wide range of laser welding services which perfectly match with the specific needs of our customers. Our skilled and experienced staff use state-of-the-art laser welding equipment to ensure results of the highest quality.

Benefits of laser welding


Precision: Laser welding is a highly precise process, achieving welds within tolerances of 0.01mm. This makes it ideal for the welding of small parts or complex ones. Laser welds are of the highest quality, thin and smooth, especially suited for applications requiring a clean aesthetic.

Speed : Laser welding is a fast process that can produce welds in just a few ms. This reduces production times and increases efficiency.

Cleanliness : Laser welding produces very few fumes or debris. This technology is clean and respectul of our environment. 


Flexibility : Laser welding can be used to join a wide range of homogeneous and even heterogeneous materials. In particular, it makes it possible to obtain assemblies such as aluminium + copper, which are difficult to weld using traditional technologies.


Contactless : Laser welding is carried out without direct mechanical contact with the parts to be joined (in opposition to resistance welding, for example), making it very attractive for applications that are difficult to access.

Laser welding applications


Automotive : Laser welding is commonly used in the automotive industry to weld body parts, engine components and other parts.


Batteries : Laser welding for batteries is an innovative assembly process. This technology is used to produce batteries for a wide range of applications, including electric vehicles, energy storage devices and electronic appliances. This process provides better electrical conductivity, a longer battery life-time and an improved safety compared to traditional welding methods.


Medical sector : Laser welding is used in the medical industry to weld implantable devices, medical instruments and other medical components.


Watchmaking : Laser welding is used in the watchmaking industry to weld mechanism parts and bracelet components (clasps).


Electronics : Laser welding is used in the electronics industry to solder components on printed circuit boards, sensors and almost all electronic devices.

TECHNAX is your reliable partner for feasibility tests, prototypes, outsourcing services and for the conception of laser welding machines.


Hairpin Stator 4 crowns

Pin stator
4 crowns

Pin welding on copper busbars

Laser cladding silver solder on copper busbar

Laser welding of two copper busbars (x3)


Welding battery

Nickel-plated steel (hilumin) / aluminium or copper nickel 

Pico laser welding on copper busbar

Fuse welding

Aluminium / Aluminium

Laser splicing of silver solder on copper busbar

Silver-plated and nickel-plated copper / Aluminum

Laser welding of copper busbars

Stator hairpin welding

Copper / Copper


Laser welding machine
Semi-automatic laser welding machine

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