Besides the traditional welding and quality controls already available in every TECHNAX machine and equipment, DANA is an additional service offering long-term traceability of the welding data.

Through its user-friendly HMI, DANA provides a deep analysis of the main welding data over several hundred thousand welds and is a very interesting indicator of your production records.

One tool (software) can control several different power sources simultaneously.

The dashboard shows following information :

  • Welds quantity
  • History over welds quantity
  • History over non-compliant welds quantity
  • Quality rate

Weld compare

From the welding list, we can also show a comparison of multiple selected welds and compare their curves (max 3 welds).

Weld population

It is also possible to show a population of welds filtered by one of welding property.(Curent, Voltage, Force, Thickness,Forging).

It will display the threshold of the property with its variations, and it can also show when a change of electrodes has been recorded

Weld details

It is possible to show all information about one weld. This will allow us to see all the curves of the welding.(Current, Voltage, Resistance, Force, Forging, Temperature)