The three most commonly used batteries types are :

  • Pouch cells : offer high energy density. The envelope and laminated structure of the cell itself make it lightweight and economical to manufacture.
  • Cylindrical cells : they are highly resistant and reusable. The cylindrical structure can withstand internal pressure without deforming.
  • Prismatic cells : their envelope is highly resistant and easily customizable in terms of shape.


Batteries are daily used in a large number of companies, either in portable equipment (telephones, computers, tools, etc.) and traction equipment (bicycles, trolleys, cars, etc.), or to store renewable energy. They have been widely introduced in the fabrication of electric cars and are defined as the reference technology today.


TECHNAX offers turn-key solutions to assembly batteries together. From cells up to complete packs, we have the suitable equipment to cover your needs. According to the context, TECHNAX will use different technologies, like resistance welding or laser welding.

TECHNAX offers, through its laboratory, different services like feasibility tests up to small production batches.