TECHNAX first beehive is installed !


Because humans can’t survive without biodiversity, it’s crucial to take action. Sponsoring a beehive is a meaningful action not only for TECHNAX, but above all for its employees. Like the company itself, the beehive needs each and every one of its bees to ensure its long-term survival. For TECHNAX, each and every one of our employees is important to the company’s success.

TECHNAX is committed to the defense of biodiversity and is proud to sponsor its first beehive with Pollinium! 🍃

Yesterday morning, we had the chance to take part in the installation of our TECHNAX hive, which already has over 50,000 bees! 🐝

Many thanks to Dominique PARRIAUD for his professionalism and his desire to pass on his passion for beekeeping and raise awareness of this cause. 💛

Thank you to the DoubleTree by Hilton Lyon Eurexpo hotel for welcoming us to their apiary.



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