Copper braids usually come from a coil. Along the process, they are “compacted” either by resistance or ultrasonic welding and finally cut to length.

Row copper but also tinned or silver-plated copper braids can be compacted in small (1mm²) sections up to big sections (150mm²).


Copper braids are widely used in the manufacturing industries, like e.g. in the energy and automotive. They are implemented to transport current between two components, where high flexibility is required.

With the development of electrical cars, copper braids became an essential part of the system.


TECHNAX has developed for over 35 years a big expertise in the fabrication of compacted braids. We offer manual equipment up to full automatic lines where braids are produced and either ejected or immediately used for a resistance brazing process. As machine builder, customer’s requirements like section, length, width and hole punching can be personalized.

TECHNAX machines are reliable and designed for mass-production, especially for the automotive industry. Our long know-how and expertise in this process is the guarantee for customers to get a high-quality braid with good compacting rate and no burn.

TECHNAX offers, through its laboratory, different services like feasibility tests up to small production batches.